Helping Out The Needy In Their Time Of Need   1 comment

When was the last time you did something spontaneously to help another person?  My mom and dad are spontaneous types of people.  It is not an unusual event in my home to receive a phone call that goes something like this, “Hi, honey, let me talk to your dad…sweetie, I hope you don’t mind but there was a homeless guy sitting outside blockbuster, I bought him dinner”. …or “Hi, honey.  When I was leaving Safeway I saw this couple living out of their car…I bought them some groceries to last the rest of the week and gave them enough money to go to a hotel tonight…it’s so cold outside”.

So, you see, growing up in a home with parents like mine, I have learned to count on the generosity of others.  Where some might think I should have more pride than to ask for help, I look at it as being receptive to the help that you have to give me.  Would you click on the Savvy link at the end of my post and think about voting for me?

I blog because it is the only way I can market the contest I am in.  So far, it has worked marvelously for me!  I have gone from 656th place to 10th place!  I am hoping to get about 2000 more votes! 

“Your business marketing strategy is the single biggest factor which determines the success or failure of your business.”

I am  networking to get some help…

Hi! My name is Hallie and I have entered a Savvy Magazine photo shoot contest. I know you don’t know me but the winners are chosen by the public and if the public doesn’t know they need to vote…well, you guessed it, no one votes! Could you take a moment and look at my photos and decide if you would vote for me or not?

There are over 1000 of us trying to get to those top ten positions.  If you don’t think I am top ten material scroll through the small icons to the right of mine and pick one of those ladies!  One little click of your finger can help make somebodies dream a reality!   You can vote once a day, everyday until January 1st!  Thank You!

And special thanks to datechguy  at for voting for me and linking me!!!!  And  big  thank you to  and has helped me out too!


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