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Happy  Holidays to all my WordPress friends and family, make it a safe one ♥ ♥…………..pass it on          ~HallieMae                                     

When I was younger (8 years old), my brother (10 years old) and I were always getting threatened with coal in our stockings.  Who knew putting gasoline in a tide bottle, putting a sock in the top of it and putting it in the mini-lake in our neighborhood and lighting it on fire was a coal offense?  My mom says her only excuse for not realizing what we were up to was the pie she was making in the kitchen…

 Would you mind voting for me?  It’s legit and the contest ends Jan. 1st. I’m in 8th place out of 1400 other models.

Please, if you don’t think I deserve to be in the top ten spots click on one of the icons to the right of my picture and vote for one of those girls!

The vote button is to the left of my photo!  Thank you so much!

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