Helping A Needy Family This Holiday Season   2 comments

I saw this really sad blog about a young couple whose home burned down on Christmas day.  They have a three month old baby girl.  They lost everything in the fire and need help with clothes, kitchen stuff, and probably just about everything. Here’s the link to how to help them out if you have a heart for things like this.  and you can read it where I first saw it here at:

…now onto why I need your help…

Hi, my name is Hallie and I have entered a Savvy Magazine photo shoot contest…If you have time today would you mind voting for me?

It’s legit and the contest ends Jan. 1st. I’m in 7th place out of 1400 other models.

Please, if you don’t think I deserve to be in the top ten spots click on one of the icons to the right of my picture and vote for one of those girls!

The vote button is to the left of my photo!  Thank you so much!

…and if you know about 10 people you can pass my link onto, that would be great!


Here’s a couple of other blogs you migh like:



2 responses to “Helping A Needy Family This Holiday Season

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  1. Hi Hallie,

    Thanks for posting the link to my blog about the family whose house burned. Thanks for helping get the word out. It is much appreciated.

    -Josh Carples

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