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The Face of Foothills   Leave a comment

Arizona Foothills Magazine\’s Face of Foothills Contest

Time to vote!




Perseverance Is Today’s Word   Leave a comment

I am so excited.  I signed with a modeling agency this week.  Persevere!  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed at dream. 

Again, I will never stop promoting Peter Ingemi’s radio talk show because without his compassion on a girl asking for a little help months ago, I may not be where I am now!  Thank you!  Click on the link below to see his site.


What Do You Do When You’re bored?   Leave a comment

You take a photo of yourself being bored!

too funny!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward   Leave a comment

I have been having fun doing some work with Louise Stidham (Life Is Sweet) Photography Studio.  I am having a blast! She is so great to work with! 

So, whadda ya think?



How Not To Lose Sight Of Your Goal   Leave a comment

1.  Never give up, never surrender…I just love the movie Galaxy Quest for giving me that phrase!

2.  Know your goal; but don’t assume you will reach it right away.

3.  Ask for help!  There are people out their willing to take on a needy cause…and remember that is what you are until you achieve your goal!

4.  Remember your mom and dad’s favorite catch phrase when you were growing up…”Practice makes perfect.”  As much as we hate to admit it, our parents were right on this one.  I delve into magazines and practice facial expressions, makeup placement, and poses…it’s sort of like play acting, but eventually you’ll have your own style.

5.  Blog.  Get yourself out there.  I have had several responses for modeling job (some I get paid for, some are a trade off of time for photos for my portfolio…which gives their studio exposure.  Pick your friends wisely.

6.  Don’t ever forget those who helped you along the way:

Well, that’s all for this blog…more of what’s on my mind later!

Have a great one and visit for some love.

Working With Louise Stidham (Life Is Sweet) Photography Studio…Awesome!   Leave a comment

I was recently asked to do some modeling for a photography studio.  Here are some of the latest works by Louise Stidham Photography.  I think she has done a great job!  More to come!

Yeah, Baby! Our Favorite Radio Host Is Back At It!   Leave a comment

Saturday Feb 5th 9:00 P.M. LIVE from the GOP grassroots conference Scheduled Guest: ? Click image to listen to last week’s show (Fishersville Mike)

Yeah, that’s right…it’s that time of the week again for our favorite talk radio host!  Tune in tonight at 9:00pm for datechguy!  You won’t be disappointed!